Planning Consultancy

RPH Design Studio has been designing and building garden rooms and bespoke timber frame structures for the last decade or so around the Purbecks in deepest Dorset and is the principal designer for The Dorset Wagon Co Ltd with its fabulous range of bespoke Showman's Wagons which have generated enormous interest in the 'glamping' market.

The most popular questions that our glamping structures and wagons raise are invariably related to various aspects of planning and use. Initially we tried to forward these questions to a number of local planning consultants, but none were able to offer advice or were simply not interested in this aspect of planning at all. We carried out our own research, spoke to local authorities and collected the anecdotal experiences of others, keeping a close eye on Planning Applications locally and began to develop a knowledge base that formed the foundation of our own specialist glamping planning consultancy.

Today our team of architectural graduates and designers using the latest software, design ideas and practice complements the traditional skills and fine craftmanship of our workshop to offer a bespoke and quite unique service to the glamping and rural diversification sector from concept through to completion within a single streamlined and closely knit team. 

Obtaining Planning Permissions for this relatively new industry requires a fresh and innovative approach, every application will be unique by its very nature and may have no local precedent to guide the unwary. We aim to anticipate every hurdle, carry out detailed and comprehensive site surveys, assess environmental impacts and mitigate possible drawbacks before they become an issue. From traffic to wildlife, waste disposal to green tech heating and hot water services, we will provide a comprehensive and detailed plan tailored exactly for your site giving you the very best chance of success. With you every step of the way.