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Our Latest Project: Kashmiri Houseboat Design

One of our clients enquired about the feasibility of constructing and mooring a Kashmiri houseboat on the River Fowey.

Hand-drawn Kashmiri houseboat by Deniz Sayar
Hand-drawn Kashmiri houseboat by Deniz Sayar

Ever wanted to stay in a Kashmiri houseboat? Do you need planning permission to moor one? Does it need to designed and respond well to the landscape to be granted permission? Why not experience this right on your doorstep and get us to design your very own houseboat that can be capable of both static and touring options for either yourself or a holiday let; allowing the possibility to monetize your land.

Imagine this as your bridal suite, working with your distinctive landscape, the houseboat would be designed so that it would create a field of calmness and romanticism. With its jaali walls to replicate the need for shade in Kashmir whilst still allowing for air circulation, this will follow the feeling of calmness. We are expanding to be able to provide planning consultancy which includes the construction of these unique homes. Their architectural design has historical links to Hindu, Buddhism and Islam to create this ornamental home on water. The ornamental perforations have purpose through negative space and light that transforms the unit into a different space during the day and throughout the night.

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